The Bare Necessities of Slicing

stmarys-golf-fitness-academy-over-the-top-comparisonFor those of you who slice the ball (left to right shots) the natural reaction of the body is to swing more to the left. However, swinging to the left causes the ball to slice by imparting more spin onto the ball.

Here’s a quick learning moment: two things can affect ball flight.The first and more important factor is the face angle at impact and the second is the swing path. When slicing, golfers tend to swing from outside to in which causes a left to right spin on the ball.  Also, the golfer could have the face open at impact which will cause the ball to start to the right and then slice.  In my experience, golfers I see have some form of both.There are many other combinations, however these are the two most common.

In the golfing world swinging to the left is known as an over the top fault. There are 2 reasons for the golfer to swing over the top.

1. The golfer has not had proper golf instruction

2. The golfer has had golf instruction but cannot physically stop from coming the over the top.


If you are in category 1, please go see a swing instructor. Everybody should be seeing a swing instructor every once in a while, if you play regularly.  You take your care in for an oil change and check up regularly (or as least should be). And you are or should be seeing your Doctor or Chiropractic Physician for regular check-ups as well.  Like-wise you should be getting a check-up on your golf mechanics.

I am not a PGA teaching professional, nor do I claim to be. I would love to work with your current swing instructor in order to get the best results.  I do not give golf lessons. However, if you fall under the second reason I would love to help you.  And for you teaching professionals, sorry you can do everything you want to, but if your golfer cannot physically stop from coming over the top they need the help of a TPI fitness or medical professional. overthetop

The common reason why a golfer cannot stop from coming over the top is the inability to separate the lower from the upper body. There are of course others, this one is the most common. This may or may not seem surprising to you, however I find that most golfers are lack other aspects such as core/strength and balance.

The most important idea you can get out of this article is: Slicing is due to coming over the top, which is because the upper body is dominant. However, the upper body is dominant because the lower body is dysfunctional!   If you have trouble slicing, go to and find a TPI certified fitness or teaching professional near you or contact me, and let one of us know you are coming over the top. Here is what we will do:



  1. Look at your swing on video to confirm you are coming over the top.
  2. Perform a physical screen on you to determine the cause. The tests which we will do on you include pelvic rotation test.

Once the cause of the over the top fault is found, then you will be given exercises which help correct the fault. Here are a few of my favorites. As a matter of fact, I include these into every basic golf workout as well because many golfers lack the inability to separate the lower from the upper body.


Do these exercises 10x at 2 sets and 3x per week and I bet you will notice a difference next time you play or hit the driving range!

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