A recurring theme within TPI (Titleist Performance institute) is having a TEAM!

Teams consist of:

  • Medical professional
  • Golf instructor/swing coach
  • Trainer
  • Mental coach
  • Club fitter
  • The list goes on

Every single professional has his own TEAM. This is because they can afford to hire their own.

Not many people have that luxury, however the PGA tour, LPGA tour, Nationwide tour, NCAA team, National team etc. has access to a team of professionals in one way or another.

This is because they understand for their golfer to be the best, they need access an expert in all 6 of those pie pieces I explained in the Golf page.

This is the same if you are a top level amateur or somebody who plays twice a year but still wants to enjoy and play the game to the best of their ability.

Next, it is important to understand why to choose a TPI certified professional!



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