Here’s what Chris’s TPI Golf Evaluation consists of:

Visit 1- Chris will determine your specific needs and will individualize the evaluation process to give you the best results. The evaluation may include all or some of the following parts:

  • Evaluation of the certain movements of body for physical conditioning specific for golf.
    • Uncovers imbalances and limitations in the body which may predispose you to injury, or breakdown in your golf swing mechanics.
  • Driving range session.
    • Video analysis of the golf swing can find characteristics of the swing which may lead to injury or breakdown in mechanics.
  • Mental/Emotional Evaluation
  • Course Management Evaluation
  • Golf Basics Evaluation
  • Short Game Evaluation
  • Shot making evaluation
  • Nutrition evaluation


Visit 2

  • Report of findings
  • Planning of goals
  • Individualized workout plan with online access to videos
  • Plan of attack
  • Dynamic golf warm-up





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