TPI’s (Titleist Performance Institute) golf evaluation analysis all parts of the golf swing, to make sure you are performing at the best of your ability.

The evaluation consists of the following parts:

  1. Your History
    1. Current health status
    2. Current injury
    3. Past injury
    4. Past treatments
    5. All of these are very useful for the professional to make the best possible evaluation
  2. Basic technique evaluation (efficiency
    1. Efficiency determines whether the golfers style is working using 3D analysis
    2. Style shows us how the golfer likes to swing the club using 2D video analysis
      1. Include the basic 12 swing characteristics seen in the golf swing
      2. Visit for more information on these characteristics
      3. Remember TPI’s Philosophy of the swing
      4. “We don’t believe there is one way to swing a club; we believe there are an infinite number of ways to swing a club. But we do believe that there is one efficient way for each individual to swing a club and is based on what their body can physically do.”
    3. Adam Scott and Jim Furyk have two totally different styles, but their efficiency is the same on 3D analysis
  3. Shot making skills evaluation
  4. Course management evaluation
  5. Equipment evaluation
  6. Mental evaluation
  7. Physical conditioning evaluation
    1. The TPI physical screen consists of 16 tests
    2. All of which have been studied extensively by TPI
    3. Have been determined to be the best tests for evaluation of a golfer’s physical ability to swing a golf club properly.
  8. Interpretation of gathered data
  9. Prioritizing the gathered data
  10. Development of a treatment plan
  11. Report of findings
  12. Prescription of what the professional has determined the golfer can do to better their game


Many professionals believe it takes too much time to evaluate all of these parts on every golfer, however


In number 2, efficiency was discussed. TPI has discovered that a breakdown in efficiency is caused by:

  • Poor Mechanics- determined by video analysis
  • Poor Conditioning- determined by the TPI physical screen
  • Poor equipment- determined by club fitting professionals

Luckily, a TPI certified professional is trained to detect these 3 breakdowns!


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