FMS (Functional Movement Screen)

The Basics

The FMS is designed for patients, who are not in pain, but rather want a qualitative and quantitative way to look at basic movement patterns.

Why would you want to look at movement patterns?

  1. Look at your risk for injury
  2. Determine if you should load movements with weight (working out at the gym)
  3. Enhance your performance


The FMS consists of 7 movement patterns, and determines if you have enough mobility and stability. It lets us know, do you have enough mobility to work out properly and can you control your body properly with body weight, so that you can properly load it with weights while working out.


I consider movement to be the 5th vital sign!


 Advanced Info

The FMS is a system that identifies and grades impairments in basic movement patterns. These impairments effect training performance and may predispose you to injury. The FMS creates a movement baseline for the professional and produces a score while aids in tracking progress and prescribing corrective exercise. If you exercise and life weights with poor movement, this increases your risk for injury, and are preventing yourself from reaching your full potential!


However, if you have pain, the FMS is not for you. If you have pain, the the SFMA is needed in order to find the cause of your pain.



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