Movie Premier “Doctored” at Palmer Campus

Yesterday, Palmer showed a new documentary called Doctored, produced by Bobby Sheehan and Jeff Hayes.  The movie is obviously one sided, as are many documentaries, however facts are facts. The documentary portrays Chiropractic as a very non-invasive and conservative alternative to traditional medicine. The movie includes insights from many different Chiropractors and Chiropractic patients who have benefitted from Chiropractic care.  This patients include frozen shoulder, Lyme disease, chronic pain and multiple sclerosis.  Hall of fame basketball player John Stockton also credits his chiropractor for his success, as well as other gold medal olympic athletes.

The movie also includes aspects of treatment which Chiropractors often include such as nutrition and exercise, also ethical issues which Chiropractors take stances against such as genetically modified foods (GMO’s) and vaccines. Sheehan and Hayes also go as far as interviewing traditional and organic farmers and their opinions on the foods which we consume everyday.

However, the most important point of the movie includes the Wilks cases, in which the American Medical Association tried to destroy the Chiropractic profession in the 1970’s and 80’s and the huge influence of Pharmaceutical companies have in health care.  The art of Medicine is disappearing as Doctor’s now are paid by how many medications they can prescribe, not how many patients they help.

The movie highlights two events, the FDA attempting to shut down the cure for cancer and the parents of a boy being sued for refusing chemotherapy. Dr. Burzynski, who has found the cure for cancer and has shown it thousands of times.  The FDA has tried everything to shut Burzynski down because of the huge amount of revenue in which cancer treatment creates including stealing his patents. The boy, whose parents were sued for refusing chemo for their son, was never diagnosed with cancer after numerous CT’s, bone scans, MRI’s and separate medical opinions. His father was even imprisoned, while the mother and boy were fugitives because of the warrants out for her arrest. After going to court, the case was settled not that the parents won the care, but rather they didn’t lose.

I cannot wait to receive my copy of this movie just to watch it again.  The budget for promotion of the documentary is very limited, and is relying on us and social media to spread the word. I will do my part to tell everyone I know about this movie, and if you do the same, it is sure to get the recognition it deserves.


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