Chiropractic is not a quick fix, it is a lifestyle.  Although Chiropractic can be used and is very effective for acute pain relief, however it is so much more than that!


Chiropractic views the patient as a whole, with the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. This is referred to as systemic reasoning, and is the foundation of Chiropractic philosophy.


In order to feel better, you must think better! This is what Chiropractic does.  Receiving Chiropractic treatment, as well as eating healthy, exercising regularly and living a balanced life contributes to your well-being. If you do not believe you will get better, no Chiropractic adjustment, pill or surgery is going to make you feel better.

Chiropractic’s founder DD Palmer believed that problems in the body arise from 3 sources. They are the 3 T’s of disease

  • Thoughts
  • Traumas
  • Toxins


You must take control of your own life, and Chiropractic helps to do this.  It sets up your body in a state that promotes healing, but this is only half the battle.  You must continue this state of healing by staying active, having a positive attitude and eating right.


Chiropractors are generally personable people, and are hands on. This is what separates us from other Health Professionals. We do more than adjust, we are here to listen and give lifestyle advice to make you feel the best you possibly can!


In addition to receiving Chiropractic treatment, here are some of the ways you can take control of your health:


  • Exercise regularly- It is recommended at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes of moderate activity.
    • Exercise also releases endorphins and enkephalins. Chemicals which make you feel euphoric and reduce pain.
    • Exercise can also help reduces stress levels by reducing the stress hormone Cortisol.
  • Live a balanced life
    • It is very important to separate work and personal life.  Your Chiropractor is there to listen and give advice in how to do so.
    • It is also important to have a way to release stress.  Yes, I mentioned exercise is good, but do something you love to do.  I like to hit golf balls, but I also love to read, write, draw and play music.
    • Make time for yourself. It is also important to separate family life and yourself. Take a night every week or two and do something you love to do.
    • Yoga is a great way to meditate. I have a series of Golf yoga in which I do about every week. It lets me unwind and gather my thoughts.
  • Eat right- Dieting is not eating right. Diets is temporary restriction in calories and eating foods which you might not like.
    • Eating right means choosing a salad for lunch if you go out, or bringing something from home like cottage cheese and fruit or vegetables for a snack. Do not tempt yourself.
    • At home use smaller plates, that way you limit your portions and stop eating once you start to feel full.
    • Eating out once in a while is okay also. Make healthier choices instead of fast food every day.
    • Make sure to eat the right amount of vegetables and fruits. Fruit is the morning is great and taking some vegetables like carrots and celery for a snack in the afternoon.
    • Limit grains because they are pro-inflammatory. And if you do, take a little more fish oil or have fresh fish for dinner to balance out your omega 3: omega 6 ratio.
  • Taking the right supplements. A whole food multivitamin is a good start especially if you are are not getting enough nutrients through your diet.
    • The daily vitamins I take and recommend to everyone are:
      • Vitamin D (especially in winter months). See a Chiropractic physician who understands proper levels and dosing.
      • Omega 3- in the form of EPA and DHA and not ALA like flax based omega 3’s. Krill oil is the best, in addition to eating seafood 2-3 times per week.
      • Vitamin A
      • Probiotics
      • B-complex
      • Also a good anti-oxidant can be beneficial. However in the case of anti-oxidants, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Anti-oxidants in excess can become pro-oxidants. And, you need the the free radical oxygen to accept electrons in order to make energy for your body. Anyways, blueberries are very good sources of anti-oxidants. Also, some examples include:
        • Co-Q 10. If you are over the age of 30 you want Co-Q 10 in the form of ubiquinol.
        • Astaxanthin
        • Quercetin
        • Alpha Lipoic acid
        • Grape seed extract
        • Glutathione. Also, you can regenerate glutathione in your body by taking selenium.
        • Vitamin C. I take vitamin C daily.
        • Vitamin E

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