Getting TPI Screened

tpi-gameWhy should you get a TPI screen?

Getting screened by a TPI professional sounds overwhelming and expensive. Think of it as an investment. That brand new driver’s technology might help you hit it further, but will it improve your flexibility? Your strength? Both of which are needed to hit the ball far. Will it help you shoot your best score? You are investing in your golf game, your body and most importantly your health. Getting a TPI screen will change your life! And definitely your golf game!

In its complexity, a TPI screen is very simple. Look at your flexibility, strength and balance, and relate it to how you swing a golf club. From there, you will receive a personalized golf specific strength and flexibility program based upon the findings from the screen and video analysis. The rest is in your hands. Taking a little bit of time a few days a week will make a big impact on your golf game, and your life!

The beauty of the TPI screen is it is designed for golfers of all ages and handicaps. The movements performed during the screen are based on movements performed during the golf swing.

Here are the goals of the TPI screen

  • Make golf more fun
  • Reduce your chance of injury
  • Improve your flexibility, strength and balance
  • Help you reach your potential

This is what a TPI screen is

  • 17 golf specific movements which assess your flexibility, strength and balance
  • Video analysis of golf swing

This enables the TPI prtpi_certified_logoofessional to make the connection from how you swing to golf club to why you swing the golf club that way. We call this the Body-Swing Connection. It is important to know, this is not a golf lesson or golf instruction. That is up to your current or local PGA teaching professional.

After making the connection, the TPI professional will make you a personalized golf specific workout. The workout is specific to you.  It takes into consideration your current fitness level, fitness goals, exercise equipment available and the time you are willing to invest. The exercise program includes golf specific exercises and stretches using a variety of equipment or just body weight.

After you have performed the program for the amount of time determined necessary by the TPI professional, you will be reassessed. The reassessment determines the effectiveness of the program and will be modified accordingly.


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