First Post

This is my first post on my Blog.  I have many stories and information I wish to share with you.  Please check back weekly as I will post things periodically during the week.

I just completed my first year of Chiropractic school. One of the reasons I chose Palmer is the legislature for the state of Florida, which allows students to start chiropractic adjustments after a year of education.  We have to have complete a certain number of adjustments of students and patients at the clinic from now on until graduation.

In addition to the 32 credit hours of school each week, I just started a part-time job at a golf course.  Golfing privileges are nice along with a little bit of income, however, I am most excited about explaining Chiropractic to all the members.  I am also attending several seminars this quarter, which I will post more about as the quarter moves forward.

This upcoming week I am attending the biannual World Golf Fitness Summit hosted by the Titleist Performance Institute.  I am very excited for this great opportunity to learn from the best in golf and fitness and also to network! I will surely be posting about my experiences next week.


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