Chris Miller with TPI shirt and flagChoosing a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) certified professional is the best thing you can do for you golf game!


After being TPI Level 1 certified, there are 6 additional tracks which include:

  1. TPI certified Medical Professional
  2. TPI certified Golf Coach
  3. TPI certified Fitness Professional
  4. TPI certified Junior Coach
  5. TPI certified Golf Mechanics
  6. TPI certified Power Coach

Within each of the 6 tracks there are Level 2 and Level 3 certified.

  • Level 2 certified
    • Has completed Level 1
    • Has completed a Case Study and has been approved by TPI
  • Level 3 certified is the highest certification you can get from TPI
    • Has completed Level 2
    • Has submitted 2 additional case studies and have been approved by TPI

From www.mytpi.cTitleist Performance Inistitute Certified logoom you can search your area for a TPI certified professional. From there you can contact them directly and they will schedule you for an appointment for a TPI evaluation.

For more information on what a TPI evaluation is, visit my next page titled TPI Evaluation!



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