Back Pain in Golfers

GolferBackwLow back pain in golfers is the most common injury in both amateur and professional golfers. Golfers average 1 to 2 injuries per year, and it has been found that 55% of golfers have had low back pain (Cabri et al).

Having good biomechanics definitely lowers your risk, however this does not explain why professional golfers have more back injuries than amateurs (Vad et al).  What is the best way to lower your risk?

1.       Get screened by a TPI professional to make sure you are not setting yourself up for injury!


2.       Have access to a team of TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) professionals!

  • A TPI Swing Coach, who understands the biomechanics of the body and how it relates to the golf swing.
  • A TPI Medical professional, such as myself, who is able to treat low back injuries (not just low back, any injury) and keep you playing golf longer. The TPI Medical Professional should work with your TPI Swing Coach to make sure the right adjustments are being made in order to lower your risk for injury.
  • A TPI Fitness Professional who understands golf specific exercises, and will have you hitting the ball further, more consistent, while lowering your risk for injury!

If you are asking, what is TPI?  Contact me, and I would be happy to explain what TPI is and set up an appointment.


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Stay tuned, I am currently working on a really cool blog post about the X-factor and why studies have shown increasing it equals more distance.  However I will also include why it may or may not be good for your body!



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