5 Exercises you should be doing at the Gym

Here’s a list of 5 Exercises Mike Boyle says you should be doing in the gym.


Nice little video here from strength coach Mike Boyle from Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. This post is inspired from that video in an article by Boston.com.

In the video, Mike says these are the 5 exercises you should be doing in the gym to get a full body workout. With these exercises, all aspects of fitness are addressed: push muscles, pull muscles, the core muscles, balance and symmetry.


  1. Push-up20100427102809!Push-up
  2. Split squatsplitsquat
  3. Dumbbell rowdumbbell row
  4. Single leg deadliftsingle-leg-dumbbell-deadlift-ss
  5. Side plankSide_Plank_Feet_Split


The great thing is all of these exercises are basic and easy to incorporate into your routine. These exercises also have progressions to increase or decrease difficulty and/or load.  If you would like the progressions, post a comment or contact me and I would be happy to write another blog and/or give you resources.


Please consult your Doctor before starting an exercise program. Also please consult a fitness trainer when starting new exercises to make sure you are doing the proper form. A push-up seems like an easy exercise but when done properly is very difficult.


Good Luck!




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